Florentina Onica - mezzo-soprano, Iasi, Romania

Critical reviews

“Carmen's tragedy“, the last fascination on the National [Theatre]”

Carmen – Mezzo-soprano Florentina Irina Onică

“It is the great merit of the director Ion Caramitru, of the three distributions, the conductor Tiberius Soare with the Romanian Opera orchestra and of the stage designer Maria Miu. Carmen, a messenger of pure love (or a philosophy of hope, sacrifice and unhapiness), seing her beloved men daying [...], was interpreted by Florentina Irina Onică, not only as an elite mezzo-soprano, but as a total charming artist.”

Mircea M. Ionescu
National Theater of Bucharest, June 2010, (online - RO)

“Expecting the debut of the mezzo-soprano Florentina Onica as Rosina...”

Rosina, Barber of Seville – Mezzo-soprano Florentina Irina Onică

“The debut in the role of Rosina of the mezzo-soprano Florentina Onica was expected. The singer did not disappointed this time either. Playing flawless the musical score to the deepest detail, with a careful composition of the movement and gestures, emphasizing the ridiculous with a good taste of proportion, but mainly the voice timbre, the ineffable quality that she exerts attraction on the audience, impressed (even) the musical chronicler which is afault-finder by definition!

Pr. Dr. Paula Balan
(music criticist)
Cronica Culture Magazine, November 2009

“Premieres at Iasi and Timisoara: Don Giovanni, directed by Beatrice Rancea”

Zerlina – Mezzo-soprano Florentina Irina Onică

“... Florentina Onică proved to be very good in all aspects of Zerlina, nice, intelligent, strong and confident (and) as voice...”

(music criticist)
Cultural Observer, December 2010 (nr. 555 - RO)

“Don Giovanni from Iasi”

Zerlina – Mezzo-soprano Florentina Irina Onică

“The voices are excellent and, direced by the noble gesture of the talented and beautiful Beatrice Rance, the interprets have a modern and persuasive performance, humorous and crazy, broad and exciting artistic movements. And you can not think that every great scene of the world were proud to have a Ciprian Marele, who give birth by his fabulous voice to Don Giovanni, splendid and stunning. That any great drama theater would want Florentina Onica, performing with wit, grace, art, the Zerlina role...”

Alice Nastase
Tango Magazine, December 2010 (online - RO)

“With Stefan Ignat on the stage”

Iocasta – Mezzo-soprano Florentina Irina Onică

What excitement can exult from a feeble creature like this, how many stairs can climb to success with only a single interpretative participation, a singer who debutedin opera like yesterday, giving an unexpected deployment expressiveness to a small-scale role! ...The voice emission of Florentina Irina Onică was one of a a genuine tradegian. The voice timber is individualizing her. Every gesture, every sonem associated with the corresponding phoneme, although seemed like random, were part of a whole arsenal of means thoroughly prepared, throught which the soloist sculpted several statuary postures. The offering-love, the feminine gorgeousness in royal dress, the vague premonition of danger, the impending internal turmoil, the paroxysm of the tragic, the resignation in the face of destiny, there have been all from one sequence to another and transmitted a persistent impression that those who saw that from the school from Iasi another path is being drawn.

Pr. Dr. Paula Balan
(music criticist)
Cronica Culture Magazine, January 2006

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